About Us


Each A Cup products originate from Taiwan (trading initially under Healthy2000 & awarded the “Gold Medalist” by the Taiwan Consumer Association). Since 1999, in the face of fierce competition, we are one of the few established bubble tea brands that stands humbly & flourish with the support of our regulars.

It all started out during Singapore’s first ever bubble tea culture boom, and have brought us to become a well-known bubble tea brand in Singapore as well as Malaysia, with further international ambitions. We specialize in a large variety of Fresh Tea, Ice Blended, Smoothies, Yoghurt Drinks, Snow Shakes, Coffee & Creative Fresh Juices.


Being innovative & constantly creating new unique drinks with our Taiwanese Tea Consultants make us the brand of choice with young & mature consumers alike. In year 2011, we have first launched the latest revolutionary concept of “Each-a-Brew” from Taiwan:

On-the-spot Freshly Brewed Tea per cup in 60 seconds 台湾正宗首创单杯现泡茶.

In this new era of bubble tea, as part of Each-a-brew drinks, we are glad to introduce our Flower Tea series, which is very popular in Taiwan & Hong Kong now due to its healthy contents.

Each of our outlet facade bears the modern and clean cut look unique to each locale, featuring authentic, healthy & quality beverages at reasonable prices. What makes us unique is that we use Fresh Juices as well as Quality Concentrated Juice for our various fruit flavours, and NOT SYRUP. Sugar level for our tea can also be customized, from 0% all the way to 120%!

We strive to stay ahead always, making every effort to improve your beverage experience with Each A Cup.